My Tosis: A Life Mission

In Eden Void you were given life in order to populate a barren earth, but death has decided otherwise, putting you in a deadly test to see if you have what it takes to be the one to create life.

Alone…? Split yourself!

Thanks to the power of mitosis split yourself and create one of two types of Tosis. Each one has two abilities, obtain them and figure out how to advance!

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Membres de l’equip

  • Marc Sans – Programmer

  • Aran Piris – Designer

  • Paula Ruiz – Artist

  • Ian Roche – Artist

  • RuDev – Programmer

  • Eduard Sales – Programmer

  • Sergio Guerrero – Producer

Curs i assignatura

3r, Projecte de Creació i Desenvolupament III




  • Premi al Millor Videojoc per la Indústria – Tecnogames 2024