Requiem for a Beat

Requiem for a Beat is a rythm bossrush against three legendary foes, each with a unique anthem and a mesmerizing choreography of attacks. If you manage to kill them, your deck will grow on options for you to forge your own moves. The gauntlet resets upon each defeat, demanding you to challenge the bosses anew, but this only means that you can rebuild your strategy and enter the dance floor one more time.

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Membres de l’equip

  • Art: Jan Campalans
  • Design: Nil Puigdemont
  • Production, Music, Design: Aroa Ochoa
  • Programming: Elijah Cano
  • Programming: Júlia Castro
  • Programming: Ruben Zuñiga

Curs i assignatura

3r, Projecte de Creació i Desenvolupament III




  • Premi al Millor Videojoc pel Públic – Tecnogames 2024